Striving for the ULtimate in VACuum technology


Since its foundation in 1952, ULVAC’s corporate philosophy has been the aim of “contributing to the evolution of industries and sciences by using vacuum technologies” and it found a large support by customers in electronics and many other industries worldwide.

Along with this philosophy I am proud of and pleased that I can contribute to my customers located in one of the most important markets, Europe.

Today ULVAC has numerous satisfied customers all over the world and provides a broad spectrum of products from small vacuum components and high performance materials over measuring and analyzing instruments up to large vacuum production equipments and additionally, offers research guidance and technical advising on vacuum technologies in general.

As European branch of the ULVAC Group it is our mission to be the top-partner in the vacuum technology industry for the EMEA market customers by promoting our high quality products and by providing an excellent service.


Takaaki Yamaguchi

Managing Director and CEO of the ULVAC GmbH




ULVAC proclaims five management principles:

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

We are the leading provider of total innovative solutions ready to do whatever it takes whenever needed to meet today's increasingly complex and advanced production process needs.

Innovation in Production Technology

We are continually seeking innovations in manufacturing technologies such as modularization and unitization through standardization in order to offer products at competitive prices at the earliest stage of our customers product development cycle. Our investment in ongoing innovations in manufacturing technology pays off big by affording us the leverage to underbid the competition.

Development of Original Products

We have developed unique technologies for the production of flat panel displays and semiconductors and are the world leader in device technologies. Our unique focus on technology, from the development of cutting-edge materials to process innovations, is the driving force that has continued to move us forward.

An Organization Built on Vision

Starting from a foundation of research and development that is solidly grounded in an effort to meet the real needs of our customers, we have built an open and supportive organizational structure. Our technological viewpoint encompasses both the ends and the means of the entire production process with a vision of the future that remains focused on the pursuit of innovation and technological excellence. It is our unique and creative team of professionals who make that vision a reality.

Increasing Corporate Value

We aim to increase corporate value with a commitment to industrial and scientific development through the integrated use of technology that will benefit all of our various stakeholders and shareholders.