ULVAC GmbH was established as the  European branch of ULVAC in Germany in 1987 to support their customers locally. Located near Munich ULVAC GmbH succeeds with a team of experienced engineers and customer support administrative office in fast and professional service of their customers’ needs.

  1. Established Future Technology Research Laboratory.

  2. All stocks of ULVAC-RIKO,Inc.(Current ADVANCE RIKO,Inc.) were transferred to CHINO CORPORATION.

  3. Established ULVAC VACUUM EQUIPMENT (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD in China to stock and sell imported parts under bond.

  4. Some stocks (equivalent to 80%) of Reliance Electric Limited were transferred to TAKAOKA ELECTRIC MFG. CO., LTD.

  5. Sigma-Technos Co, Ltd., was dissolved.

  6. The japanese trade name of ULVAC EQUIPMENT SALES, Inc. was changed, to enhance sales systems.

  7. ULVAC CORPORATE CENTER Ltd. was dissolved. The business was handed over to us.

  8. ULVAC KOREA Insitute for Super Materials is established in ULVAC Research Center KOREA to promote researches in Korea. 

  9. ULVAC GmbH achieved ISO 9001:2008 certificate by Tüv Süd

  10. ULVAC GmbH moved from Ismaning to Garching for establishment of there workshop and bigger storage capacity.

  11. Establishes Engineering Service Site(ESS), the demonstration room for Leak Detectors, in Japan(Chigasaki), Korea(Pyeongtaek), China(Shanghai), Taiwan(Hsinchu).

  12. ULVAC's Turnkey Production Line of a-Si Thin film Solar Cell received a Nihon Keizai Shinbun Awards for Excellence in the 2008 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards.

  13. Establishes of world's first solar cell modules testing laboratory as an equipment manufcturer with the cooperation of TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.

  14. Establishes India Branch of ULVAC, Inc. for expansion of business in India.

  15. Establishes Chemical Center of ULVAC TECHNO, Ltd. for surface treatment of vacuum device parts in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa.

  16. Adds Miyazaki Plant to ULVAC KIKO, Inc. for intensive production of small vacuum pumps in Saito City, Miyazaki.

  17. Establishes ULVAC MALAYSIA SDN.BHD for sales and field support in Malaysia.

  18. Establishes ULVAC Research Center KOREA, Ltd. for research and developmemt in South Korea

  19. Establishes ULVAC Research Center TAIWAN, Inc. for research and developmemt in Taiwan

  20. Establishment of ULVAC AUTOMATION TAIWAN Inc. in order to  manufacture control boards, etc. in Taiwan

  21. Establishment of ULVAC (China) Holding Co., Ltd. in China in order to oversee its subsidiaries there

  22. Establishment of ULVAC Taiwan Manufacturing Corporation in order to manufacture flat panel display production equipment in Taiwan, and Ultra Clean Precision Technologies Corp. in order to provide customer support on such aspects as the machining and cleaning of parts.Establishment of ULVAC Taiwan Manufacturing Corporation in order  in order to provide customer support on such aspects as the machining and cleaning of parts.

  23. Acquisition of  the share of Litrex Corporation (50%) that was owned by Cambridge Display Technology Limited of the United Kingdom as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

    Establishment of ULVAC(THAILAND)LTD. in order to market products in Thailand and provide customer support.

  24. Expansion of the Hyeon-gok plant in order to increase production at ULVAC Korea, Ltd.

    Setting up of the Reliability Evaluation Center at the Miyazaki Plant of ULVAC Kiko Inc. in order to evaluate and inspect small vacuum pumps.

  25. Take over of the equipment and operations of Fujitsu VLSI Limited in order to expand its flat panel display operations.

    Establishment of OOOULVAC with the objective of expanding the sales of products to Russia and providing customer support.

  26. A new plant for large vacuum pump production is added to ULVAC Seiki Co., Ltd.

    ULVAC acquires all the shares of Initium Inc. to expand biotechnology business.

  27. ULVAC Vacuum Furnace (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. is established to manufacture industrial furnaces.

    ULVAC Tianma Electric (Jing Jiang) Co.,Ltd. is established to produce parts for vacuum pumps.

  28. Capital Increase from JPY 8,950,000,000 to JPY 13,467,797,500

  29. ULVAC-TTI Technology (Shanghai) Corporation is established to sell and manufacture control systems in China, capitalized jointly by ULVAC and Reliance Electric Limited.

  30. ULVAC Korea Precision is established to build a plant in Korea for the production of large-substrate TFT LCD production equipment.

  31. Capital increase from JPY 8.1 billion to JPY 8.95 billion.

  32. ULVAC, Inc. has joined the 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Capital increase from JPY3.85 billion to JPY8.1 billion.

  33. ULVAC (SUZHOU) Co., Ltd. is established in China

  34. ULVAC's "ECO-SHOCK" has been selected as the winner of the Third Japan Vacuum Industry Association/Japan Industrial Journal Chairman's Award for 2003 after being awarded the "Chairman's Award, Japan Machinery Federation's 23rd Award for Outstanding Environmental Machinery" in February 2003.

  35. ULVAC celebrates its 50th anniversary.

  36. ULVAC Singapore Pte Ltd. is established by a merger together with ULVAC Materials,Inc.(formerly Vacuum Metallurgical Co., Ltd.) and Inabata & Co.

  37. ULVAC Taiwan's CIP (Continuous Improvement Program) plant opens in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

  38. The company name is changed from ULVAC Japan, Ltd. to ULVAC Inc.

  39. The Satella organic EL production system wins Grand Prix in the equipment category of the 5th Advanced Display of the Year award.

  40. ULVAC enters a technical alliance with Kodak (US) and Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. to develop equipment for manufacturing organic EL displays.

  41. ULVAC GmbH established service agreement for repair and refurbishment of ULVAC components

  42. ULVAC GmbH, Germany was established in order to support their customers locally.

  43. Established ULVAC GmbH in West Germany to improve services in Europe.

  44. Established ULVAC TOHOKU, Inc. in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, to strengthen large equipment production.

  45. Established ULVAC Seiki Co., Ltd. as a base plant in the Kansai area.

  46. Delivered an evacuation system for the “JT-60” nuclear fusion break-even plasma experiment system.

  47. Set up the Beijing Office in Beijing, China.

  48. Established the Tsukuba Institute for Super Materials in Tsukuba Science City (currently Tsukuba City), Ibaraki Prefecture.

  49. Established ULVAC-PHI, Inc., a company jointly invested in by U.S. company PerkinElmer Inc.

  50. Established ULVAC TAIWAN Co., Ltd. (currently, ULVAC TAIWAN INC.) in Taipei City, Taiwan.

  51. Established ULVAC CRYOGENICS INCORPORATED, a company co-founded with Helix Technology Corp., a U.S. company.

  52. Separated the Service Department to establish ULVAC SERVICE CORPORATION. Separated the SI Division to establish ULVAC COATING CORPORATION.

  53. Established KYUSYU ULVAC CORPORATION (currently, ULVAC KYUSHU CORPORATION) to expand sales activities in the Kyushu area.

  54. Established ULVAC North America Corp. (currently, ULVAC Technologies, Inc.), a subsidiary in North America, as a base for export to the U.S.

  55. Established the Institute for Super Materials in Chiba.

  56. Established SHINKU KIKO Inc. (currently, ULVAC KIKO Inc.) as a specialist manufacturer of compact vacuum pumps.

  57. Established Sanwa ULVAC Sales,Inc. (the company name was changed to ULVAC Higashi Nippon Co., Ltd.), a special agent that made exclusive use of our products.

  58. The Head Office and Yokohama Plant were moved to Chigasaki City.

  59. Established Vacuum Metallurgical Co., Ltd. by spinning off the ULVAC Vacuum Metallurgical Department.

  60. Established Hong Kong ULVAC Co., Ltd.

  61. Separated the Reliance Department of the Overseas Division and established Reliance Electric Limited, which was jointly invested in by Reliance Electric and Engineering Co., a U.S. company.

  62. Was absorbed into SHINSEI SANGYO Inc. (founded on September 20, 1929). The company name was changed to Japan Vacuum Engineering Co., Ltd. on the merger day to continue business operations of the former Japan Vacuum Engineering Co., Ltd.

  63. Established SHINKU-RIKO Inc. (currently ADVANCE RIKO, Inc.) as a specialist manufacturer of thermal analyzers.

  64. Established Vacuum Materials,Inc. (the company name was changed to ULVAC Materials, Inc.) to start selling fire-resistant materials.

  65. Started the vacuum metallurgy business by making use of the basics of vacuum technologies.

  66. The Head Office and Omori Plant were moved to Yokohama City.

  67. Merged with Toyo Seiki Vacuum Research Corporation and started manufacturing standard goods such as vacuum chemical processing equipment and vacuum pump at the Amagasaki Plant.

  68. Established the Omori Plant to start manufacturing equipment in Japan.

  69. Japan Vacuum Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded (capital: 6 million yen) for the purpose of importing and selling various types of vacuum equipment.