ECO Shock Series ES4A

Power Saving Accessory for Dry Pumps ECO Shock Series ES4A


  • ECO-SHOCK contributes to energy saving
    The power consumption of the dry pump can be reduced substantially.
    ( Ex.)Max. 59% of power reduction at ultimate pressure running and 34%
    of power reduction at repeatedly chamber gas exhausting.
       ( Ratio of our company's LR3601-R ) *1 *2 *3
    As the effect which suppresses the heat generation of the dry pump,
    it can reduces the electric power of the air-conditioning equipment too.

  • Excellent results when used with a multi-stage root type dry pump. *4
    Very effective when dry pump runs lower than 1000Pa.

  • No reduction in pumping speed at all pressure range
    ECO-SHOCK doesn't depend on dry pump revolving-speed-control,for that there
    is no degradation of the exhaust speed.

  • Easy installation
    Easy installation by attaching a valve unit to the exhaust pipe. *5 *6

*1 Measure example of 300L chamber repeatedly air exhaust in the tact of 60 seconds.
*2 Not capable to use in applications such as flammable, burn ability and toxic gas exhausts or
for solid/fluid suction.
*3 Power reduction ratio depends on the attachment model and the conditions of use.
*4 Dry pump which exhaust port can operate with no problem under vacuum is applicable.
Do not install to the dry pump which exhaust port can not operate under vacuum.
*5 The installation method differ on the dry pump model type and structure.
(A modification is required with LR3600,LR3601(-R)pump to mount ECO-SHOCK)
*6 Modification could be required prior to installation of the ECO-SHOCK.
Contact your nearest ULVAC service center for installation.

Special Features / Further Applications

  • Countermeasure for dry pump power saving
    Power saving of dry pumps that is used in frequently exhaust such as Load / Unload

    Power saving of dry pumps where is using a big amount sealing gas.

    Power saving of dry pumps that the exhaust velocity is high at atmospheric pressure.
    (Example)Equivalent to ULVAC's model LR180,LR421,LR3600,LR3601,LR3601-R

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