ECO Shock Series ES10

Power Saving Accessory for Dry Pumps ECO Shock Series ES10


  • ECO-SHOCK Contributes to Energy Savings
    Max.80% reduction of power consumption of dry pump. *1
    Effective in suppressing heat generation of dry pump
    resulting in reduction of air conditionaing costs.
    ECO-SHOCK runs with only 65 Watts of power and without
    N2 and cooling water.
    *Unusable when pumping flammable and toxic corrosives gases.
  • Effective When Used with a Capacity Transfer Type of
    Dry Pump
    Excellent results when used with a multi-stage root type. *2
    Very effective when dry pump runs lower than 1000Pa.
  • Overall Dry Pump Performance is Improved
    Improves ultimate pressure performance.
    Reduction in exhaust gas noise.
    No reduction in pumping speed in all pressure range.
  • User-friendly
    Easy installation by attaching a valve unit to the exhaust
    pipe. *3
    *1 A power consumption reduction rate changes with depending on pump model
    and gas volume, etc.
    *2 ECO-SHOCK could not be used with certain claw root, screw type or shaft
    seal pumps, etc. Contact ULVAC for details.
    *3 Modification could be required prior to installation of the ECO-SHOCK.
    Contact your nearest ULVAC service center for installation.

Special Features / Further Applications

  • Power saving of dry pumps used as fore pumps of turbo
    molecular pump on sputtering and evaporation system.
  • Power saving of dry pumps for load lock chambers.
  • Power saving of dry pumps for vacuum laminator and
    vacuum packing, etc.

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