Pulsed DC Power generators DPG-5P/DPG-10P

The DPG-5P/10P are 5kW/10kW pulsed dc power generators for reactive sputtering. This power generator change the minus output voltage in to plus voltage, and discharge the storage electron voltage of target surface. By this, yield and throughput improvement is realized.


  • High throughput
    Makes high power input possible by reducing abnormal
  • Reduces substrate damage
    Capable of reducing substrate damage caused by arcs
  • Variable inversion pulse frequency
    Possible range: 10kHz to 250kHz
  • Capable of large capacities through master/slave connections
    Up to six units can operate in parallel(The same model is
  • Corresponding to DC output
    It cancels a pulse function and can output DC

Special Features / Further Applications

  • Reactive sputtering equipment for FPD
  • Reactive sputtering equipment for industrial coating
  • Reactive sputtering equipment for color TFT

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