High Performance Process Gas Monitor - Qulee HGM Series

ULVAC’s new “Qulee HGM” residual gas analyzer series with revolutionary simplicity of use. Offers highest sensitivity of all models at 2.5×10-6 A/Pa, Qulee HGM can meet the needs of various R&D and other vacuum system process monitoring.


  • Most Appropriate for R&D Applications
    Offers highest sensitivity 2.5×10-6A/Pa (3.3×10-4A/Torr, 2.5×10-4A/
  • Integrated Display
    No need for PC
  • Simple Operation
    "One Click" function
  • Bake Out
    Max 250˚C (482˚F) high temperature bake (300˚C (572˚F) when the
    sensors are removed)
  • Degas Function
    Electron bombard degas
  • Maintenance
    Filament, ion source, and secondary electron multiplier are easy to
  • Protection and Maintenance Features
    Unit offers protection and maintenance of ion source and secondary
    electron multiplier
    Traceability of analysis tube (patent pending)
  • Various Leak Tests are available
    Helium leak test, air leak test, leak up
  • Total Pressure Measurement
    Capable of total pressure measurement (ionization gauge)
  • Qulee QCS is Included
    This software is included and compatible with (Windows XP/7)
  • Applicable Standard
    Conforms with CE

Special Features / Further Applications

  • R&D such as thermal desorption gas analysis
  • Residual gas analysis for ultra-high vacuum pumping equipment, etc
  • Trace impurities in gas
  • R&D for photovoltaic ield
  • Analysis of organic compound
  • Environmental measurements

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