Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency Evaluation System for Small Modules


Measure thermoelectric conversion efficiency for thermoelectric material alone and a pair of thermoelectric material

This system can evaluate not only power generation but also conversion efficiency of thermoelectric
modules. The conversion efficiency is evaluated from current dependency of power generation measured with four-probe method and heat flow measured with heat flow meter.
High temperature part can reach up to 500 ℃(standard specifications), while low temperature part is cooled with water flow.

Special Features / Further Applications


  • Evaluation of maximum power generation amount and heat flow.
  • Evaluation of module conversion efficiency calculated from maximum power generation and heat flow.
  • Evaluation of power generation amount and heat flow with thermoelectric material alone.
  • Performance and lifetime evaluation of thermoelectric module.


  • Capable of measuring data of heat flow and power generation and then measuring conversion efficiency.
  • Capable of evaluating the output characteristics of small module with 2 to 10 mm (square) x 1 to 20 mm (height).
  • High temperature part can reach up to 500 ℃.
  • Simple operation with control software


Model Mini-PEM
Measurement Properties Power generation amount, Heat flow, Conversion efficiency
Temperature range on high temperature part 50 ℃ to 500 ℃
Sample size 2 to 10 mm (square) x 1 to 20* mm (height) *maximum
Atmosphere In vacuum
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