Atmospheric Pirani Gauge Combo SW1 & ISG1

This is a wide range pirani gauge which measures from atmospheric pressure to 5×10-2 Pa (3.75×10-4 Torr, 5×10-4 mbar) Platinum wire is used for filaments , therefore, the filament will function even at atmospheric pressure.


  • Wide-range Measurement
    Measures from atmospheric pressure to 5×10-2 Pa (3.75×10-4 Torr,
    5×10-4 mbar)
  • Power Supply Voltage
    Powered with 24VDC or 100VAC to 240VAC input
  • Shock Resistant
    Design is highly resistant to shock
  • Filament Material: platinum (Pt)
    Corrosion-resistant platinum is used as the filament material
  • High Visibility LEDs Used for Error Display
  • One-touch Adjustment
    Atmospheric adjustment and the zero point adjustment can be done
    with one-touch
  • Maintainability
    Sensor head can be replaced easily
  • Measured Value Output Signal
    Pressure is 0 to 10V Log output
  • Control Output Signal
    3 set point output
  • Serial Communication Spec
    RS485 communication (ISG1)
  • Display Unit
    With visble LED
  • Certification
    Conforms with CE

Special Features / Further Applications

  • Process control in low vacuum range of vacuum equipment such
    as that used for semiconductor, optics and Photovoltaic field, FPD,
    electronic parts manufacturing
  • Process control in the low vacuum range for industrial equipment such
    as vacuum furnaces, etc.
  • Process control in low pressure range for vacuum systems with
    multiple process chambers such as in-line sputtering and single wafer
    processing equipment
  • For pumping unit (system) which it has a vibration and/or shach in the
    manufacture process

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