G-TRAN Series Pressure Switch Unit (SAU)

A pressure sensor unit that is adopting a semiconductor type thin- film element . By this can measure near to the atmosphericpressure (Gaugepressure: -100kPa~10kPa) with high accuracy. To be compatible for a high vacuum pressure SUS316L is adopted.


  • Corresponding to the continuous use of high vacuum pressure process.:
    Semiconductor t ype thin- f i lm element i s adopted to be
    compatible for a high (SUS316L)

  • Suitable for atmosphere pressure check:
    Pressure standard is corresponding with gauge pressure and a
    high accuracy measurement is capable

  • Measurement output signal:
    Pressure is set to DC 0 to 5V Log out signal as a standard

  • Rotate Generator:
    Compatible in wide for DC12 to 24V

  • Quick coupling standard:
    Adopting a NW16 port

Special Features / Further Applications

  • To confirm the atmospheric pressure of PV, FPD, SEMICONDUCTOR
    system which contain high vacuum components

  • To conf i rm the atmospheric pressure of Indust rial Vacuum
    Equipment like furnace systems which contain high vacuum
  • To the vacuum system that require the high accuracy
    measurement of -100kPa~10kPa
    Gauge pressure (Absolute pressure:10+4~10+5Pa )

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