Multi Ionization Gauge G-TRAN Series ST2-1, ST2-2

Don't you have a problem with the precision of the vacuum gauge (Variation of sensitivity, error, etc.) and short life (gauge head becomes dirty and it is hard to discharge, etc)in measurement at high vacuum? To respond to such requests, ULVAC has developed an ionization vacuum gauge with a spec of long-life at severe environment and a measurable type with high precision. This world's irst metal type triode ionization vacuum gauge is greatly reduce the running cost and help further improving the yield of various processes.


  • World's first metal type triode ionization vacuum gauge (Patent 5827532)
    Even in harsh environment, this world's first metal type triode
    ionization vacuum gauge will achieve long-life and shows the best
    advantage of the triode type.
  • Strong Metal Vacuum Tube
    Probe is made of small metal which makes no worry of such damage
    as glass type.
  • Improvement in the measurement accuracy
    Improvement in the measurement accuracy of ±10% and excellent
    sensitivity stability has realized.
  • Wide-range measurement Wide pressure measuring range from atmospheric pressure to high
    vacuum range (10+5 to 10-5Pa, 760 to 7.75×10-8 Torr, 1013 to 10-7
    mbar).(When SPU and SAU are used together)
  • Possible to connect gauge heads with different measurement ranges
    With Multi Ionization Gauge, a gauge head is selected depending on
    the usage
  • Precise measurement of atmospheric pressure
    Conirming atmospheric pressure easily and accurately (when SAU is
    used together)
  • Indication signal of filament life time by the electron
    Monitoring the electron volume can observe the life time of ilament.
  • Low environmental burden
    Capable of reducing costs as only failed gauge heads are replaced
  • Improvement in visibility
    With high visible LED for error veriication
  • Maintenance
    Easy sensor head replacement
  • Applicable standard
    Conforms with CE

Special Features / Further Applications

  • Process control in high vacuum process such as for OLED and Touch
    panel manufacturing system.
  • Measurement of ultimate pressure at various industrial vacuum
    equipment such as vacuum furnaces.
  • Measurement under atmosphere which include hydrocarbon (oilbased).
  • When processing of vacuum parts, measurement under atmosphere
    where oil and lavage remain potentially.
  • Measurement of vacuum equipments that wants to aim at exchange
    frequency reduction of sensor head.
  • Please contact in case of using Corrosive gas (Halogen gas).

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