Dry Vacuum Pump GR Series

Based on many years of experience with the LR/HR series ULVAC, Inc. has introduced the GR series dry vacuum pump with a simple and clean design for general industrial applications.


  • Particularly useful for high load applications such as
    repeated pump down between atmospheric pressure and
    vacuum and continuous running in the high pressure range.
  • Useful for load/unload lock chambers which require high
  • A universal induction motor is used. An explosion proof
    motor is avaialble as an option.
  • For motor power. Specify voltage required when ordering.
    Either 200 VAC class or Multiple voltage motors are

Special Features / Further Applications

  • Clean gas vacuum pumping such as air, inert gas
  • Load/unload lock chambers of various types of deposition
  • General industrial applications such as vacuum dryer,
    vacuum gas exchange in vacuum heat insulation and gas
    charging, vacuum degassing, etc

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