Screw Type Dry Vacuum Pump LS Series



  • High pumping speed near atmospheric pressure drastically reduces pump down time. 
  • Built-in ECO-SHOCK technology reduces power consumption significantly for clean applications.
  • Built-in silencer achieves a noise level of 61dB(A) or less
  • Low Running-Cost
  • Available in 4 models with pumping speeds betweenn 120~1200m3/h 

Special Features / Further Applications

Clean Process ("C-Type"): For clean processes involving gasses like Air and N2 (LS***A-C)

  • TMP backing pump etc.
  • Load lock room
  • Lamination
  • Vapor deposition
  • Sputtering


Light Process ("L-Type"): For light processes involving steam and other difficult gases (LS***A-L)

  • General industrial use
  • Ashing
  • Freeze drying
  • Vacuum drying

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