Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump PVD Series

The PVD series belt-drive oil rotary vane pumps are compact, quiet running and robust. The superior pumping performance of these industrial strength pumps has earned them an excellent reputation among many users.


  • Consistent Pumping Performance
    The pumping performance of the pump is extremely stable.
  • Low Vibration and Low Noise
    The pump is suitable for use in noise and vibration
    sensitive environments.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Because the pump body is machined from a single
    aluminum block casting the unit has fewer parts to maintain.
  • Gas-Ballast Valve
    Gas ballast valve is standard with these pumps to
    effectively deal with water vapor from condensation.
  • Oil-backflow Prevention
    This model contains an oil-backflow prevention device as
    standard equipment.
  • Various Options
    An optional base with casters allows ease of movement of
    the pump.

Special Features / Further Applications

  • Vacuum drying and freeze drying
  • Vacuum packing, vacuum adsorption and transport
  • Gas substitution, filling and vacuum heat insulation
  • Vacuum casting, etc.

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