Turbo Molecular Pump UTM-FH, FW Series

The UTM-FH and UTM-FW is compound turbo molecular using 5 axis magnetic levitation and digital controlled, and realized advantages such as high performance and reliability and energy savings. The UTM-FH series, which has improved compression ratio for hydrogen, is high back pressure and high compression type and for light to middle processes. The UTM-FW series is wide range and high flow type and for high load process and middle to hard processes.


  • Abundant variations from 350L/s to world's largest 6300L/s
    (digital magnetic controlled bearing type).
  • Maintainable stable pumping performance against change of
    back pressure (FH series).
  • Optional internal heating system to control rotor temperature
    and reduce adhesion of side reaction by-products (FW series).
  • Excellent anti-corrosion surface treatment (excluding 3303FH
    and 6300FH). Optional special surface treatments (e.g. Nickel
    plating + cation electrodeposition, special deposited film,
    aluminum anodization) are available as necessary.
  • Mountable in all direction.
  • Variable speed system makes it possible to change the
    pumping speed in the range from 25% through 100%.
  • There is no limitation to combine any power supply and pump
    main unit to change cable length because of using coupling
    free system and tuning free system.
  • Self power generation by regenerative energy is used for
    backup power supply at power outage by using battery free
    system. Troublesome battery replacement is not necessary.
  • Built-in monitoring/self-diagnostic and communication functions
    enable to configure centralized monitoring system.
  • Safety design with fracture energy absorption construction
    can reduce damage on vacuum system when trouble
    happened with the pumps.
  • High durability and high reliability have been realized by
    experiments such as air rushing-in testing, various touching
    down testing, forced destruction testing for rotor and foreign
    material drop testing (Si wafer fall).

Special Features / Further Applications

  • [UTM-FH series]
  • Main evacuation of light to middle processes such as
    evaporator, sputtering system, dry etching, etc. where
    there are not any side reaction by-products
  • Pumping system of analytical instrument, R&D system,
    laboratory equipment, etc.
  • Pumping system for those equipment and system for
    light gas such as H2 and He
  • Multiple turbo molecular pumps with centralized back
    pump configuration

  • [UTM-FW series]
  • Main evacuation of middle to hard processes such as
    dry etching, CVD system, etc.
  • High flow gas evacuation for dry etching, CVD system,
    sputtering system, etc.
  • Main evacuation of analytical instrument, R&D system,
    laboratory equipment, etc.

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