Vacuum Valve Series

ULVAC, Inc.’s vacuum valve employs the vacuum technology of the vacuum specialized manufacturer accumulated through many years of experience. Please use ULVAC, Inc.'s vacuum valve, including L type valve and gate valve, which is compatible with all atmospheric pressure to ultra high vacuum ranges and conditions.


  • Highly reliable
    Designed to exhibit maximum exhaust rate of the vacuum
    pump having large conductance upon disk opening and
    less leak rate.
  • Various lineups
    ncludes l (angle) type valve, gate type valve, variable leak
    type valve.
    Applicable in all vacuum conditions from atmospheric
    pressure to ultra high vacuum.
    Main body material types are SS (soft steel), stainless
    steel, aluminum.
    Valves connection flange are vacuum flange, quick coupling
    flange, CF (UFC) flange and so on.
    Disk seal materials are nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, metal
    and polymide resin.
    With theselineups, various proposals arae possible that
    matches with the customer needs.
  • Two operating types
    Manually driven and compressed air driven.
  • Reverse pressure specification
    100A or less are compatible as standard. (Revere pressure
    differential: within 0.1MPa)
    compatibility 150A or more are compatible as option
  • Baking out, customizing, and so on
  • vacuum exhaust line for sputter apparatus and evaporation
  • vacuum exhaust line for various heat processing furnace
  • vacuum exhaust line for vacuum drying equipment and
    freeze-drying equipment
  • vacuum exhaust line for leak tester
  • vacuum exhaust line for various other vacuum equipment
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