Vertical-type Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace FHV-Series

FHV series are used for various purposes such as quenching, tempering and brazing of various metals. Vertical two-chamber configuration which consists of heating chamber + preparation/cooling contributes to space saving by adopting elevation mechanism. Temperature data from heating process to cooling process can be seamlessly recorded for quality control of products.

Our Products and Technologies


  • Maximum temperature 1350ºC, Operation temperature 800 to 1150ºC

  • Temperature uniformity is within ±5ºC at 1150ºC

  • Keeping the heating chamber in vacuum for high quality and repeatability of products.

  • Optional rotating cooling mechanism is suitable to process long products such as cutting tools.

  • Thermocouple can be directly set on processing products for historical data of products temperature from heating to cooling as precise quality control.


Special Features / Further Applications


  • Quenching, Tempering : various machine parts, parts for air plane.

  • Brazing : Heat exchanger, machine parts, parts for air plane, vacuum interception


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