Evaporation Roll Coater EW-Series

EW -Series models are deposition systems for evaporation of metal or oxides onto continuously-wound plastic film, paper or metal foil. Models range from compact types for research, to systems for mass-production. They can be used to manufacture products such as packaging materials, capacitors and magnetic tape.

Our Products and Technologies

  • The substrate transfer system uses the latest winding control technology, ensuring stable transfer for every substrate material and size.
  • Induction heating, resistance heating, and EB heating evaporation sources are available. The optimum source for the application can be selected.
  • A wide range of pre- and post-process mechanisms are available to enable optimum process conditions.
  • Film thickness monitors for online measurement are available (transmission film thickness monitor, eddy current film thickness monitor, resistance value monitor, others)


Special Features / Further Applications


  • Packaging materials, transparent gas barriers, gold/silver thread

  • Capacitors

  • Magnetic tape
  • Optical films


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