Dry Etching Tool APIOS NE-950EX

Our LED Mass Productive System NE-950EX is equipped with 2 of our patented inventions and offers beside a outstanding output capacity, high maintainability, stability, reliability by its innovative design.

Our Products and Technologies


  • Higher Through-Put140% compared to a conventional systems)

  • 3 wafers batch processing availability in 6inch dia.

  • 7 wafers batch processing availability in 4inch dia.

  • 12 wafers batch processing availability in 3 inch dia.

  • 29 wafers batch processing availability in 2 inch dia.

  • ICP with magnetic field ISM *1), high density plasma source which has over 600 delivery record in compound semiconductor market

    *1:ULVAC Patent No.3188353

  • Propriately Star electrode*2) which has self-cleaning function for deposited material from RF window

    *2:ULVAC Patent No.3429391

  • High maintainability, stability, reliability are achieved through re-deposition preventative design


Special Features / Further Applications


  • Dry etching technology availability for various process applications (GaN, Sapphire, Metal, ITO, SiC, AlN, ZnO, 4 elements compound semiconductor materials, etc.)

  • Various Options available



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