High-Density Plasma Etching System NE-550

NE550H is a multipurpose high-density plasma etching system, specifically for R&D test facilities such as universities and government agencies.

Our Products and Technologies


  • Equipped with low-pressure, low-electron-temperature and high-density plasma source.

  • Supports wide range of process control from ion etching to radical etching.

  • Plasma density and uniformity can be controlled by optimizing magnetic field.

  • Simple configuration makes maintenance easy.

  • Low pressure, High density plasma, Good uniformity - ISM (Inductively Super Magnetron) Plasma Source* ULVAC Patent

  • Good repeatability and stability - STAR Electrode* ULVAC Patent

  • Precise and stable EPD - Optical Emission EPD (Optional), Laser Interference EPD (Optional)

  • Precise wafer temperature control - ESC with He cooling, Mechanical Chuck

  • Easy maintenance - Simple maintenance mechanism


Special Features / Further Applications


Films - Electronic Devices (HEMT, HBT, MMIC, etc..)

  • III-V materials: Selective etching - GaAs, AlGaAs, InGaAs, InGaP, InP

  • Insulating Layers: High speed or damage-free etching - SiO2, SiN, Low-K materials, GaAs VIA, InP VIA, SiC VIA

  • Organics: Polyimide, BCB

  • Metals and Ceramics: W, WSi, TiW, Mo, PZT, STO, BST, SBT, Ir, IrO2, Au, Pt, Ti, TiN, Ta Optical Devices (Laser Diodes, LED, etc..)

  • Non-selective etching - GaAs, AlGaAs, AlGaInP, InAlAs, InP, GaN, AlGaN, InGaN, AlN

  • ITO, Sapphire Other Devices (MEMS, Stamper for DVD, etc…)

  • Si, SiC, Glass, Quartz, Sapphire, C, Diamond-like Carbon, Al, Cr, Mo

Further Applications

  • Ultra-high frequency devices, optical devices (LEDs, LDs).

  • Next-generation non-volatile memory.

  • Bio-chips and micro-fluid devices.

  • Photonic crystals.

  • Sensors, MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems).


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