Organic EL Manufacturing Systems SOLCIET, SATELLA & NEW-ZELDA

A complete lineup including a research system for materials development, a cluster system for low-volume production, and an in-line system for mass-production. The lineup supports a complete range of organic EL applications, with systems for micromolecular materials and systems for macromolecular organic materials

Our Products and Technologies



  • SOLCIET: Solciet is a system for use in research, that performs all processes through checking of material device configuration. It has an independent chamber configuration including a pre-processing chamber, organic deposition chamber, electrode deposition chamber/intermediate chamber, and glove box. A wide array of options are available to increase the range of research applications, including source units and sputter cathodes. Solciet supports substrates of 100 mm in diameter as the standard substrate size.

  • SATELLA: To solve problems in organic deposition processes, Satella has a multiple independent chamber configuration. It can be used for full-color device production, a difficult application for Solciet. It has a 7-sided transfer chamber, and can support 2 to 4 organic deposition chambers as needed. It comes with a high-precision mask alignment mechanism for active-matrix full-color devices. It supports substrates of 200 mm in diameter as the standard substrate size.

  • NEW-ZELDA: New-Zelda is a system for prototype and panel mass-production. It comes with a new evaporation source, and a wide range of other applications are available for it. It supports substrates of 400 x 500 mm as the standard substrate size.


Special Features / Further Applications


  • Organic EL displays


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