Dry Etching System for Production NE-5700 & NE-7800

Dry etching system for high volume production with good cost performance and wide selection of tool configuration.

Our Products and Technologies

  • GaN Recess with selectivity to AlGaN >350
  • precise etch stop using laser interferometry EPD
  • low damage SiN etching
  • SiC via etching with ER≥1μm/min (Ni mask)
  • Au, Pt, Ti etching without sidewall deposition
  • stable etching rate using STAR electrode with Bias power (no re-deposition)
  • 200mm cluster tool with up to two process chambers

Special Features / Further Applications

  • Compound semiconductor (LED, LD and RF devices), Power devices (IGBT, SiC)

  • Metal, Dielectric, Polymer, Gate electrode etching

  • Ferro electric material, Noble metal etching

  • Ferro magnetic material etching

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