Oxidation-Nitridization-Annealing System Ailesic 1400-1700

SiC power device recently became a key technology to realize a 'low-carbon society'. The Oxidation/Nitridization/Annealing system Ailesic 1400-1700 from our partner Toyoko Kagaku is our solution to assure you improved performance of the SiC thermal processes and a stable mass production in the activation anneal process.

Our Products and Technologies

  • automatic C2C high throughput vertical furnace for up to 150mm substrates

  • Oxidation, Oxynitriding (O2, N2O, NO), Annealing (Ar, N2)

  • operational temp. for Ailesic-1400 is 700…1350°C (max. 1400°C)

  • operational temp. for Ailesic-1700 is 700…1650°C (max. 1670°C)

  • heating rate for Ailesic-1400 is ≤20°C and for Ailesic-1700 is ≤100°C

  • batch size is 50 wafers for Ailesic-1400 and 25 wafers for Ailesic-1700

  • high uniformity of ≤±0.5% for SiO2 within wafer

  • very low metal contamination of <1.0E+11 atoms/cm2

  • long life metal heater (>5 years)

  • high temperature uniformity of ±3K

  • insitu cleaning technology

  • footprint 1.1m x 3.9m

Special Features / Further Applications

  • Oxidation ( O2, Pyrogenic )

  • Nitridization ( N2O, NO )

  • Anneal ( N2, Ar, H2, NH3 )

  • Post Oxidation Anneal

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