Resist Strip System ENVIRO™ Optima

Enviro Optima™ - The Resist Strip System with the Highest Throughput, in the Smallest Footprint, with the Lowest Cost.


The Enviro Optima™ Resist Strip System provides the highest throughput per square meter of cleanroom space at the lowest cost. Enviro Optima features a new remote plasma source achieving extremely quick resist removal rates of >10µm/min. Enviro Optima is the smallest 200mm resist strip system which offers 3 load-ports on the market. Combined with fast new wafer handling robotics, Enviro Optima's straightforward design results in the highest throughput with the smallest footprint (67wph/m2) for systems under $1 million.
With less cleanroom space required, and lower price than competitor's models, this resist strip system delivers the lowest CoO, which is achieved by providing high throughput at lower total system cost. The Enviro Optima is ideal for all resist strip work including difficult to strip resists, like SU-8, residue removal, and surface preparation applications.

  • single wafer ashing system with one, two or three ashing modules
  • RF downstream plasma with >10 µ/min ash rate
  • compatible with Fluorine chemistry to remove tough resist/residue
  • thick resist strip, Descum, HDI resist, Polymer and Residue removal
  • backside bevel/edge clean
  • high throughput @ low footprint


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