Sheet [Ta] [Nb]

Ta/Nb sheets from ULVAC have a fine and uniform grain size. This makes it possible to produce high-yield foils with light surface roughening after pressing and uniform intensity and characteristics.


Available process size

10µm to 35mm, Width Max 1100mm


Plate supply size


Plate thickness Length Width
0.6 4,500 1,200
1.0 3,500
1.6 2,200

* That plates can be made longer by welding. (Past production record: 30 mm)


  • Diaphragms for differential pressure transmitters
  • Film capacitors
  • Boards for deposition
  • Foils for getters
  • Heat treatment reflectors
  • Heaters


Problems with structure in pressing

Structures of tantalum foils with different grain sizes after pressing


Comparison of tantalum foil structures from different manufacturers



Comparison of tantalum foil elongation


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