Nano-metal Ink "Ag, L-Ag, Au, ITO series"


NANOMETAL INKs are produced by the Gas Evaporation Method. These newly developed inks consist of metal nanoparticles dispersed stably and not aggregated in some organic solvent. The inks enable to form electro-conductive fine patterns directly by printing processes such as ink-jet printing.

Nano Metal Ink

Name of Products Au-Nanometal Ink Ag-Nanometal Ink Ag-Nanometal Ink
(Low temperature type)
ITO Nanometal Ink
Type of Number Au1T Ag1T Ag1teH L-Ag1T L-Ag1TeH ITO 1Cden
For Ink Jet X X X
Metal Content (wt%) 30 30 55〜60 30 55〜60 20
Sovlent Toluene Toluene Tetradecane Toluene Tetradecane Cyclododecene
Adhesive Inproving
- - - - - -
Average Particle
Size (mm)
Viscocity (mPa·s) <5 <5 5〜15 <5 5〜15 5〜15
Cured-film performance below is a refference only, NOT guaranteed
Curing Condition 350℃x30min or
220℃x30min 150℃x60min *1
Layer After Curing
<1 <1 <1 <1 <1 -
Resistivity (μΩ·cm) 350℃x30min:
approx. 3 approx. 3 approx. 10 -
Substrates to be used 350℃x30min:8〜10
Heat-resistant temperature of substrates should be higher than curing temperature.
Adhesive Strength
<1 <1 <1 <1 <1 >2

*1 230℃x10min in 8Pa in vacuum + 230℃x60min in air

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