Sputtering Targets for Photovoltaic Applications


  • Ultrasonic defect testers ensure meticulous quality assurance!
    ULVAC has installed large ultrasonic test equipment to make meticulous defect inspections of materials and bonding inspections. Using this equipment has helped ULVAC drastically cut down on arcing during sputtering and deliver high quality targets.
  • High-reliability metal bonding technology
    Large sputtering targets are very heavy so technology for bonding to a cooling plate (backing plate) is extremely important. ULVAC has installed bonding equipment to support deposition of larger glass substrate, and realized an all-inclusive target supply system.
  • Low-particle targets
  • Attaining high uniformity by adjusting the metal microstructure


Targets for Solar Cells

Materials(Purity) Main Application
AZO (3N-) Transparent conductive films
GZO (3N-) Transparent conductive films
Ag (4N) Reflective film electrode materials
Ti (3N-) Electrode material protection films
Al alloy (5N) Wiring materials
ITO (4N) Transparent conductive films
Cu (4N) Precursors
In (4N) Precursors
CuGa (-35wt%Ga) Precursors
Si (5N-) Passivation films
SiO2 (4N) Passivation films
Mo (3N) Electrode materials
ZnO (3N) Transparent conductive films


Recycling of Sputtering Targets

At ULVAC, resource recovery, recycling and reuse of valuable rare metals are implemented in a proactive manner to pursue efficient use of sputtering targets.

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