An ULVAC Group think tank designed to meet customers' up-to-the-minute process needs with a multilateral approach to problem-solving that incorporates equipment, processes and materials.

Chiba Institute for Super Materials

Develops thin-film formation processes for flat panel display components (such as LCDs, PDPs and OLEDs) or storage technology (such as DVD-RAMs and DVD-RWs).

Institute for Semiconductor Technologies

Institute for Semiconductor Technologies (IST) of ULVAC, Inc. takes it as its biggest objective to provide the latest technology that meets the tough needs of customers by developing materials and processes in the ever-changing semiconductor manufacturing industry. Furthermore, IST' "New Technology of the 21st Century" is the prime mover that will enable ULVAC to be the best partner for customers forever.

Tsukuba Institute for Super Materials

Develops a wide range of 'seed technologies' that form the foundation of future work. Recent projects include development work in the following areas:

  • Nanotechnology to form devices from carbon nanotubes or graphite anofibers created by CVD (chemical vapor deposition)
  • A vapor deposition polymerization process for forming organic thin films
  • Surface analysis methods using electron and ion beams
  • Rare-earth magnets

Technology Development Department (at Headquarters)

Develops vacuum devices (such as vacuum pumps) and ultra-high vacuum devices. Other work includes developing computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) and mechatronics technologies such as non-contact floating magnetic wafer transfer robots, and vacuum robots used in next-generation super-clean semiconductor manufacturing processes.

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